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about me, Darcy Neumann

I am the owner of Soulista, Classical Pilates, Traditional Yoga through education, coaching, and retreats.

I’m a yoga certified instructor and trainer through Yoga Alliance, as well as a Classical Pilates Intr./Trainer/Educator with over 2,000 hours of training. I’m a certified Nutrition Coach with Venice Nutrition, owned by Mark Macdonald, a CNN correspondent with Sanjay Gupta.  I work individually and in small groups coaching people on the philosophy of blood sugar stabilization through the proper balance of nutrients, protein, carbs, & fats as well as a nutrient dense lifestyle to encourage and maintain wt loss, increase energy, and improve exercise recovery.

Before opening my business, I was registered nurse for over 15 years.  Throughout all my years in the fitness and nursing I’ve found that your health starts from the inside out. My passion and devotion to alignment, awareness, concentration, precision, and breath are reflected in my yoga and pilates classes and private sessions.  

My Goals for our community and everyone I work with individually or in groups is:

  • To provide you with the tools to uncover your highest potential through a Yoga or Pilates Practice.
  • To discover and reach your health goals through a personalized nutrition program.
  • To build a community of Yoga / Pilates practitioners and participants that are passionate about reaching their highest gift, to serve others daily.